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oakley sunglasses india, GENTLE MONSTER Korean Tide licensing sunglasses GENTLE MONSTER Korean Tide licensing sunglasses and a first look at the GENTLE MONSTER initial smity GENTLE MONSTER is in Seoul when traveling in the Lotte Hotel has been discovered in the store, as sunglasses very well decorated, in-store try for a very long time, but because it was not aware of the brand name, oakley sunglasses india.

oakley sunglasses india, and the price is also to four digits, would not have bought, Returned to Korea after discovered only after the GENTLE MONSTER is a Korean Tide, a lot of Korean stars are its vermicelli, very sorry you did not buy it, after discovering China directly on the GENTLE MONSTER of the purchase of sunglasses and a direct mail and China, and decisively. Second, Out-of-the-Box Success property Shun Feng express Zambia Zambia, for more than a week to the parcel, there was little protection measures is the plastic bags. Remove the plastic bag and a very simple one of the paper trays and a GENTLE MONSTER logo, the package is always the wrinkle wrinkle, viewing habits. Open the paper tray is glasses box, the black box very low key, the above is only a seal on the GENTLE MONSTER logo and even sent a green paper bag. In the box are the GLASSES BOX, glasses, there are instructions for use, the ID of the glasses and warranty card. This is the manual, described above the lenses of sunglasses is zeiss optical lenses, try the effect is very good looking mobile phones do not scratches on the screen. This is the ID of the sunglasses, understated black paper card with the specific model of the glasses and identity code. This is the warranty card repair, return can be used. Rot for so long, the hero is here, frankly, the packaging is quite minimalistic, open a case with psoriasis protagonists quietly lying in a plastic bag. But the glasses box the feel of the good, and I feel comfortable in the leather, no odors and tide of the quality is quite good. Remove the plastic packing, we enjoy viewing. The GENTLE MONSTER roy sunglasses left mirror and inside is understated gold roy, this is the model number of the sunglasses. Right mirror and is on the inside of the logo. Left and right outside mirrors are GENTLE MONSTER graphics logo. Requiescat: the front 149mm 152mm pin Mirror lens: width 54mm height 41mm which is I bought this glasses size parameter, you can consult the III. PURCHASE raiders GENTLE MONSTER 17/04 direct link above is a commodity links and official website link. If you need to purchase to first in the official website registration, and then select Add to cart after Commodity Clearing can address can fill out the Chinese address express by Shun Feng distribution, the speed is quite good, and for a week to a little more, prices, in addition to the glasses from the prices will also impose tariffs 10% value glasses, payment is paid Po or paypal can pay. Iv. summary I bought this 1413 is the price of sunglasses, plus 10% of tariff, spent a total of 1554.3, Campaign Express is a package, as compared with other big sunglasses, price not expensive, with a very comfortable and I feel, see the lens is very mild and see if the mobile phone is not ok, Hyun-color screen to work, it is quite good, the overall satisfaction. The GENTLE MONSTER of the models are very much the same paragraph spectacles have a different color and does not like the basis), like the type of cool also cater to you. Buy Now!