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oakley sunglasses for men sports, The sliding door of Saturnino, originated from a healthy and constructive jealousy for his sister myopic, opened to the world of optics also with its landing in Place Vendome, at the shop of the spectacles of the star, as Elton John, where he bought his first pair of Oakley glasses collection with mount turtle.Passion naturalized that takes the form of a production that follows strategies non conventional diffusion, oakley sunglasses for men sports.

oakley sunglasses for men sports, not the usual product-placement, especially for a character of his rank that in this regard says:”It would be easy for me to wear my Oakley glasses to Lorenzo (Jovanotti), I would “Scopa” easily, Here, but would be, precisely, too easy and does not interest me.” (from an interview by Viviana Musumeci).Saturnino shows safe today of its proposal, thanks to an expertise that took shape in time. The preferred model of Saturnino itself is the Satu, with the plexus engraved on the temple, distinctive brand, what is perhaps more resembles the vintage model of Oakley bought in New York with the side temples very thick. From here the decision which has inevitably led to reproduce an accessory that followed his taste for itself.Its optical trust, almost joking and joking apart, helped him to realize a first Limited Edition from 0 to 100. The thing is then done a little more serious with the support of Gabriele Evangelists with which it has placed on table the seventy frames of his private collection kept in the years, beginning to design, inspired by his own choices.The synchronism between taste, practicality and aesthetic sound, between fruition and creation, leads us today to be able to appreciate these models spirited and unique in their genre inspired in vinyl records, the limelight with general aviator and not only. Eye Oakley glasses that occur with vibrant colors of light and sounds, each in 4 colors, with contemporary forms or revisited, such as those of the showy Saturnino Venus, proposed in both versions more cheeky and eccentric, in variant Blue Matte, that most traditional as those in contrast black and tortoise, soon became icons of style and glamour.The spirit artistoide and mundane but also conceptual, of frames in black acetate with fronts shiny and opaque, inspired by scratches of vinyl, sometimes in contrast with spirits yellow lenses, such as those of Saturnino Jupiter, make these Oakley glasses are also suitable to the most lively evenings in the disc. Colors by day and by night, reflections and reverberations, rotations and revolutions, for accessories that never goes unnoticed.Every person can find the eye Oakley glasses is most suited to their physiognomy, not only to the physiognomy. Saturnino Eyewear tip, in fact, to a target does not target buyers/people contributing to give added value to the goggles, choosing him as his own, not on the contrary that it is a simple logo to give added value to a beneficiary disorientation in search of confirmations.traveling over the places of the appear you arrive to those of being where you can manifest their peculiarities as individual, representing your personal cosmos and social in the world.It is thus that affirms the promising line of Oakley glasses of Celiani in the universe Made in Italy, with a new idea of Eyewear: The Planet Collection.