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oakley sunglasses clear, Chilly spring breeze blowing wine-the central spirit had elapsed, head of the public just to greet the direct rays of the sun is always put in the altitude hang from the unit and the canteen, with the concept of a fragmented pieces: “There is a lot of good sunglasses…” is remembered ruminating busking at the age of 20 when a small G-star shorts, a cup of Starbucks coffee, ice sheet first deputy Lupin toad mirror speakers in days long Henan Road 2 various atmospheres (B, high taste, shuttle to many male and talks between Mei, so it is hard to curry ice mask my heart disturbances, hidden in the dark shades of the small eyes restless at the phased array radar scan mode, in particular to meet the most punctual girl to just at that moment to get a hand of flickering head the root of curtain … in my time and again repeat that cool motion, I consider the toads mirror the heart, and unsteady hands generally meet a slate, looked down a toad, mirror and really really became the “Toad” quietly to feet, as a result, it is not known to the public, I first called ? subsequently, angle encountered love, fear of phased array radar radiation to LD (really afraid of what anyone to thick Road), Kazakhstan has been in the off state and intends to acquire the radar Shield”) the plans of the sunglasses indefinitely. Until recently returned from abroad, said LD to me as a gift with a view to open, see also Lupin – Oakley/ Lupin New Men UV leisure sunglasses sunglasses RB8313 003/40 of 1 specifications 2199 Yuan Jing Dong direct links, I was in a battle: the joy is that the sun, the wife is sad to have a phased-array radar small eyes have evolved into full range stealth coated no Gods Eye, the only remaining on the Lupin alike. Syria, in less gossip chip time: please forgive me not on glasses contamination that Maomao wipe away on a snapshot in time, not new, forget old, flip out the walk with me too swept along in the old friends face: no longer look at that has wings “pain points, “: Close-Bar: this comment on the views of the Lupin: 1, Oakley sunglasses and dating from the 1950s to 30 in the United States Air Force and to obstruct the high intensity light in high quality lenses are used in manufacturing, the extraordinary ultraviolet-resistant features the right; 2, wearing rear does not cause eyestrain and not easily faded, the long-standing comportable with new (seemingly small addendum voracious appetite for par it); 3, nose and smooth rounded off, post; 4, metal part of the seemingly after plating, is sleek, and weight suitable for long-time wearing does not fall arrest ears and nose. Do not live show poor grading, show motioning me and will certainly be injection, alas, doing a really difficult, as a man is more difficult to watch the Thank You!