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oakley sunglasses 2017, Sun lens what good material Sun lens what good material? The sunglasses in the materials of the current point of view, mainly glass material, resin material, PC materials, TAC material, nylon, different materials, performance is characterized by a certain degree of difference, a look together Sun lens what good material. Glass Lens Glass Kang chip has excellent optical performance and also the best optical material, oakley sunglasses 2017.

oakley sunglasses 2017, But since ordinary glass lenses are easily broken, impact resistance is weak security is not high, and are now a sunglasses are rarely used in glass lens, Resin lens resin is a kind of phenolic structure of the chemical substances with hightemperature resistance characteristics. Resin lens has been the most significant characteristic is the weight comparison and impact resistance, high security, UV effect is good, there is an easy-to-rendering performance. Resin lens is now widely used by a lens with good optical performance, use made of resin lens optical offset, a very good optical effect. The disadvantage of the resin lens wear, wear and scratched. Pc lens PC Lens impact resistant to cracking and stronger than resin lens, the weight of the Special light, color line is also very good, with the disadvantage is abrasion, optical to instability. Suitable for the production of sport sunglasses lenses. Of course price naturally your point. The PC is the plastic, professional athletes used high-end PC Lens Sunglasses are not Plain to compare. The TAC material lens TAC materials used more widely, the TAC i.e. three cellulose acetate. The production will be joined someof solvents, plasticisers, lubricants and UV resistant materials, etc. The production of such materials a lens with light weight and rendering performance advantages, but with acids and alkalis, and this is its selling point. The drawback is that you do not have high wear, optical performance is not very stable. Nylon lens nylon lens with good elasticity, optical performance and impact resistance is also very strong, it is mainly used as a protective goggles. However wear, production costs are relatively high. Can be regarded as a luxury. Many of the campaign brand of sunglasses and a luxury brand of sunglasses are nylon. Sun lens what good material? Each section of the lens has its own advantages and disadvantages, select the lens when the situation on the basis of individual need to select, generally speaking select resin material sunglasses compares the number. Buy sunglasses when they do not just go and some materials the merits and demerits of the difference is large and there is a need for a friend can go to the Oakley glasses life like this formal intermunicipal purchase. The above are the Sun lens what good material? The Related Information” if you also want to know more, and you are always welcome click Oakley glasses Life official website to learn more, you can also consult online customer service purchase of the related products.