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oakley radar path replacement lenses, What windproof sunglasses windproof sunglasses? Windproof sunglasses is outdoor sports sunglasses, widely applicable rides and driving and other numerous occasions, outdoor sports, like a sunglasses. In the outdoor sports windproof sunglasses in the comparison done better with OSCE field glasses, Oakley movement glasses, etc., take a look together windproof sunglasses, oakley radar path replacement lenses.

oakley radar path replacement lenses, Windproof sunglasses with optical sunglasses characteristics and the characteristics of the movement of glasses In strong wind the weather can be very good eye protection to prevent sand into your eyes, Lens able to block the airflow strongly to the eye irritation, especially when riding, strong air flow to the eye irritation. Windproof Sunglasses also with anti-reflection, filtering the flare effect and make the screen more clear. Windproof sunglasses lenses are made with the shock of the lenses, currently more common is a PC explosion-lens, toughness is good, in the event of severe bumps, better protection of eyes. Lens with multiple layers of substrate synthesis, polarized film murmured the full elimination of reflected light and light light to soften. Uv coating, the effective elimination of ultraviolet rays, protection of eyes. Shock reinforcement with good impact resistance. Wear hard floors with anti-scratch lens of power efficiency. General lens surface as well as the hard protective film to better protect the lens is not damaged. In the design of the campaign against the direction of the analysis and design. The unique design of the frame in radians, not only better of the face can also effective mitigation in the campaign against the forces, wearing comfort. Some wind sunglasses, there is also an offline Yu-myopia rims, able to resolve motion cannot be plagued with myopia glasses, configure the myopia lens for easy movement. The unique myopia box snap-in design is to eradicate the problem of myopia and can optionally install or remove the myopia box, very suitable for the needs of the groups are short-sighted nose bridge design uses is anti-slip-nosepiece which can let windproof glasses and face better fit together, effectively reducing the glasses slipping off the rate, and increased the wind sunglasses security. Windproof sunglasses a light weight, effectively reduce the pressure and various professional lens, you can replace the use of suitable for sunny cloudy fog cloudy and snow, etc. various weather wear with polarized, windproof and anti-desertification, anti-mist, sunshades and UV features that are more suitable for outdoor sports to use. The above is the “wind sunglasses? The Related Information” if you also want to know more, and you are always welcome click Oakley glasses Life official website to learn more, you can also consult online customer service purchase of the related products.