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oakley radar path amazon, Moncler Eyewear Oakley sunglasses 2017: iconic elements from the timeless style, the party in Milan Moncler presents the new collection eyewear with a party in the boutique during Milan Fashion Week and the Mido. The new frames from the sun and from vista exalt the iconic elements of the timeless style of Moncler and are dividedinto three categories: “sport”, oakley radar path amazon.

oakley radar path amazon, Oakley sunglasses born for the mountain but easily available in the city, “duvet”, i.e, the proposals that combine aesthetic functionality and technological research, “timeless”, iconic shape without time of inspiration vintage.For the collection sun, a couple of models are inspired by the classic Seventies forms of the eye Oakley glasses from skiing, Models in acetate are distinguished for the logo in metal imprinted on the front and for small details on the rods that evoke the effect of processing on “boudin” typical of padded jackets. Retro taste even for the frames in male acetate and unisex, embellished by side blinkers in removable skin. The aerodynamic fit of the rods is inspired by the typical shapes of undertakings at high altitudes. A combination of contrasting colors: black and red, brown and yellow, intense blue approached a lighter tone or a linear tone on tone black. Sophisticated design for the iconic rounded shape by the strong femininity and that more squared and unisex. The soft volumes of the two models in acetate evoke the effect soft and lightweight duvet, the soul of the brand. The unisex pantos in acetate stands out for the effect duvet visible thanks to the lenses projecting with respect to the entire flat structure. The squared shape for the male eye Oakley glasses in acetate with bridge to key and flat surface. The volumes of unisex model with double bridge in acetate refer to the effect of “soft” of duvets and pillows. The Sun proposal women is characterized by a surface by the soft effect perceptible on the whole structure. A squared shape for the Oakley sunglasses from the soft effect as the duvet, direct reference to the brand of belonging. Female structure in metal “round eye” that recalls the models used by mountaineers thirties, pioneers of shipments toward unexplored frontiers. The character without time that distinguishes the male pattern is made simultaneously by the addition of mirror lens that extend beyond the metal structure rounded. Finally round shape for the proposal from sun unisex with front panel from the double bridge in metal and lens voyage in acetate. The structure recalls the typical frames degliscalatori professionals of a time. 23 View Gallery “Moncler Eyewear Oakley sunglasses 2017: the party in Milan, photos” 20 View Gallery “Moncler Eyewear Oakley sunglasses 2017, all models”