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oakley jawbone frames, The following is a look together Sato Po glasses, JOBO Sato Po sunglasses, Jobo was founded in 1999, its brand name to the leisure and sports, lifestyle and enjoy a romantic, pursuit of freedom” as the brand values and stylish, natural, leisure, a dynamic brand personality, more people with a more comfortable fit. The design of the stylish and sophisticated, durable and more elements, in building a modern brand new, but also to focus more on the image of the elegant features. It is also a great treasure JOBO early adopter nm lens technology, Polarized Lens technology, protection against radiation, lens and science and technology, advanced technology, and create a good quality glasses, provide a more comfortable view. Jobo glasses is more extensive inclusion of sunglasses, sports glasses, flat-mirror, radiation protection glasses. The sunglasses style, both leisure and antique style, has always been a favorite. Jobo Sato Po radiation protection glasses pc mirror, can effectively alleviate the long-term and emerging have sore eyes, her eyes the pain and blurred, effective prevention of myopia and filter out harmful light, eye protection. High end materials are produced, effective prevention of Blu-ray, filtering flare and glare, UVblocking, but does not affect the light transmission rate, the real do eye protection role. The movement of JOBO sunglasses, temples with tr90 material, with more security, non-distorted, not distortion and impact-resistant, high-end of the lens resin lens production, light weight, and good safety and lens from nine different layers of the role of the lens, 95% more than an effective way of filtering more effective light, anti-glare and reflection light, etc. promiscuous light, better protection of eyes. Lens definition high and see a clear view of the more comfortable. The above are the great treasure glasses, JOBO Sato Po sunglasses? The relevant information, want to know more, and you are always welcome to visit the Oakley glasses life.