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oakley holbrook warm grey lenses, how a convincing copy of a purchase Wayfarerzonnebril If there is something that is good for each other Rayban had, it was on the placing on the market of two of the strongest designs Oakley sunglasses. These were the pilot and the so-called Wayfarerzonnebril Oakley sunglasses and whom a little fan of Audrey Hepburn is whether alittle fixated on fashion from the eighties, oakley holbrook warm grey lenses.

oakley holbrook warm grey lenses, would also like a Oakley Wayfarer in house, It is just a shame that the original models are so expensive, Of course you can also buy imitation models, but a good quality (read: close to the original model landscape) Oakley sunglasses is another story, Below is a guide to help you doso. Please note the characteristics The main characteristics of a good replica are: 1) The G15 inscription on the Oakley glasses, 2) the serial numbers on the earrings of The Wayfarer Oakley sunglasses and 3) the logos on the side of the frame. The serial numbers and the G15 inscription on the lenses are the most usual at a little imitation model. What you really need to look at is how the logos on the side of the frame are confirmed. Make sure that not too clear glued. As long as the finish is lovely, a replica Wayfarerzonnebril as good as the original. UV protection OK you imitation Wayfarerzonnebril already has the correct characteristics but also these Oakley glasses offers sufficient protection? The cheap imitations tend to forget one thing: a good quality lenses that provide enough protection against sunlight. Make sure that your replica Wayfarerzonnebril good glass has that protect against UV. That can be a little moreexpensive but worth it and it is still cheaper than an original model. It is a question of attitude and nobody is going to your Oakley sunglasses to a detailed inspection. The only one who is worried about that small characteristics you yourself. Choose your Wayfarer-imitation to how comfortable that on your nose bridge peace and how that complements your facial features. In addition, most of the imitation Wayfarerzonnebrillen so well that that just as the original model will feel. As long as you remain in the Oakley sunglasses with self-confidence bears no one will see the difference. So you can look as a celebrity without an assault on your wallet. Cheap Wayfarers