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oakley holbrook valentino rossi, MYKITA MYLON 2016 Spring/Summer sunglasses new listing to say the German glasses brand, I believe that the name MYKITA who are not unfamiliar, mykita in Berlin in Germany glasses brand. By harald gottschling mykita haffmans, daniel, philipp haffmans and moritz krueger, four persons in 2003, the creation of a brand creation at the beginning of the design for the skillful and sophistication of the production of stylish, oakley holbrook valentino rossi.

oakley holbrook valentino rossi, The Oakley glasses lifestyle with latest MYKITA understand that in the production is focusing on the details, will be framed in each sheet metal piece fold over the crop into lightweight but one molding, re-use of elegant hinge design link these components, in order to increase its flexibility. At the same time use of high-tech PVD vacuum heat painting technology, make sure that the product and do not scratch resistant surface oxidation rust. The creation of the glasses MYKITA very flexible, are free to bend on multi-tier film anti-mirror, style strong high-tech forms vocabulary, lets wearers conveys a unique personal proposition. Through simple yet elegant in style in a different face on the menacing its unique charm. Recently, in Berlin, Germany from the famous brand MYKITA glasses under the flag of the spur line brand MYKITA MYLON brought to us their new 2016 Spring/Summer Image). In this series, we will be able to discover the designer of the brand has consistently tasteful minimalist in design and style and movement in the perfect integration, finally adopted MYLON material to build, a total of 65 we are showing a section of distinctive sunglasses and optical rims, overall there is a lightweight, shock-as well as durability, while diversifying its sleeker designs can also meet the needs of different users with. Clear and the effects of the lightweight glasses, wearing a sense of comfort. Redouble The current mykita in Berlin, Paris, New York, Montreal, Zurich and Tokyo, and the opening of a direct marketing stores, and at the same time at the global 70 more countries shops selling. The above are on the spring and summer of 2016 “MYKITA MYLON series sunglasses new listing related information, if you still want to learn more, please click the Oakley glasses life Official Website customer service for advice.