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oakley holbrook purple, Polarized flight sunglasses and also as a blue Dorf polarized flight sunglasses, press lens the material to polycarbonate lenses and optical glass lens type, in accordance with the style for eyeglasses divided into party line and irregular oval mirrors, is toad bolection color divided into gold, linen and black sunglassesmirror legs; styling divided into arm and bend arm; press the different width in conjunction with various facial customers. Blue, Polarized flight sunglasses and CR71434 CR21434-PC are gold bent and asymmetric elliptical toad, commonly known as the mirror. From the exterior facade is very difficult to distinguish the two optical sunglasses, the distinction between flights only after the hand is aware of the two offset-flight the weight of the sunglasses are different, because their lenses Cr21434-pc materials are polycarbonate lenses and optical glass is CR71434, use the function is the same, only the lenses of the different, making their durability is that there are differences in the gold and silver framed polarized flight sunglasses, namely the protection of sight with looks and in style, but some of the needs of the person lying low, this color is too childish and easy to draw attention. Therefore, the blue intentionally designed two very low and implement the black rims offset optical sunglasses offer choice, CR12434 asymmetric oval-bend the leg polarized flight Af52634-pc sunglasses, and square-arm polarized flight sunglasses Blue, Polarized flight sunglasses possible for various provinces, duties and preferences to think, and thus possessed a large customer base, by various parties. The polarizer at the lens is mainly divided into line the polarizer at the PL and round the polarizer at the CPL. General optics glasses the offset optical mirror and round the polarizer at the main photography and video camera areas apply to.