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oakley gascan polarized, thom browne glasses was founded in 2001 in the United States, which was browne thom a gangster style of new vpro brand. 21 And the tiffany, forever, levis, us brand, thom browne design over the top. The main products are men advanced garments, men sunglasses. Sauna, health, initially in George Armani company after sales, and Ralph Lauren master work together, oakley gascan polarized.

oakley gascan polarized, Sauna, health and has accumulated experience in the industry and contacts to create their own brands of the same name, Thom browne brand to suit charcoal gray, well known for its mix of the same fabric cut the tie and dress would choose a white shirt, a pair of black leather shoes, Thom browne annual release retro, metal material on the men’s sunglasses. Thom browne sunglasses design philosophy with Silver, Black, gold black color with retro, hook-mirror the feet and square rims, model exaggerated interpretation of Slightly irritating thickness. Square framed sunglasses to Modifier rectangular shape of the face or round face, if it is a square face men wearing square framed mirrors are not suitable. The feel of the metal framed mirrors, more focused face contours and Zhang Yang, let the wearer men look more mature. Thom browne Sunglasses also equipped with UV-lens. Thom browne sunglasses price thom browne fashion and firmly believe that the source of the style of the so their customers more successful male. In order to highlight men’s self-confidence and noble, thom browne sunglasses framed mirrors selected 12K gold with titanium material that gives a very strong feeling. In Japan by skilled craftsmen to create completesunglasses, estimated price of about $550. Thom browne sunglasses launched popularity has been bursting. In addition, thom also participate actively and other browne co-branding with its I.T out the trendy Requiescat. The above are the thom browne glasses, ” the relevant information to learn more a big placard glasses the latest price, the best in Designer, glasses, please consult the online customer service.