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oakley gascan multicam, professional Oakley sunglasses operator rain benefits not long ago, a program entitled “What do I do when driving during heavy rain on the post quietly emerged on the major sites, forums, even the micro-blog and micro-letter is constantly reproduced. This post has been so great in the reason for this is that the post questions raised have a car a strong chord, oakley gascan multicam.

oakley gascan multicam, Is there a professional sunglasses and to help the operator to solve this dilemma, The person who posted the post in question: when driving experience torrential rain, even wiper different work, is also still occur before the drivers and vehicle pitch, driving to pose a significant security risk.Netizens’ inquired what sunglasses to solve this issue. Very soon, this question has been Chevrolet detachment of seeking the truth. In the spirit of seeking the truth and being pragmatic and the principle of seeking truth Chevrolet detachment started a pilot. By using water cannons analog heavy rains of contingent personnel found that really like post said rain in the window on the Windshield Wiper, regardless of how the Commission has not clean on the windshield rain created a dense rain curtain, looks a chill down your spine, it is not clear from the traffic signs, not to mention more directly in front of the road conditions. In view of this situation, Chevrolet detachment of seeking the truth to respective various sunglasses, Polarized mirror, professional driver mirror for wear testing, trying to find the best solution. Through the experiment proved the wearer Chevrolet driving mirror, watch the sight of a more general view of sunglasses to clear and Chevrolet driving mirror unique spring and design make wearing comfort and timely worn for a long time the operator will not have any discomfort and fatigue. Test Finally, Chevrolet unit to get the best results of seeking the truth: Light, rainy days can be worn Chevrolet driving mirror; light dark conditions, rainy days can be worn Chevrolet night vision goggles.