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oakley gascan cerakote cobalt, Oakley sunglasses Bottega Veneta most chic 2013 The famous luxury brand Bottega Veneta amazes us not only the splendid clothes, but also with the accessories. In particular today we speak of Oakley sunglasses, one of the accessories used a lot with the beautiful season to protect us from the sun and at the same time make the dive, oakley gascan cerakote cobalt.

oakley gascan cerakote cobalt, if the eye Oakley glasses permits, For the season 2012/2013 then Bottega Veneta proposes its exclusive collection of eyewear with three models very sophisticated, under the banner of the celebration of a refined aesthetics without time of the same brand, Then returns also in Oakley sunglasses the famous braided, symbol of Bottega Veneta, and yet the hinge to the block. Used for eye Oakley glasses are the finest materials that have created new models of truly unique and strictly “Made in Italy”.Oakley sunglasses Bottega VenetaTre new models for Oakley sunglasses that are:Feminine sophistication – a female eye Oakley glasses and refined, characterised by soft lines and with smooth processes. A silhouette butterfly details signature on the rods. As already said, this is the iconic woven pattern and the cernieta to block in metal, which is inspired by the metal details of Bauli artisan Bottega Veneta. Declined with colors defined such as champagne, brown, gray, or in transparent version;A new classic – This model is characterized by the squared shape of the Oakley sunglasses in the male version and tends to reflect very the classical spirit which expresses Bottega Veneta. One of the details is the particular ponte a key and the new hinge to block, complete all a metal core carved with the woven pattern.Unique lightness – a model made of titanium, a lightweight material but at the same time sturdy and hypoallergenic. The inspiration is absolutely retro and embellished by touches of contemporary design. The model is declined in opaque tones of brass, of ruthenium, silver and burnished.