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oakley gascan arm replacement, 2014 new ILLESTEVA sunglasses – New York fashion brand ILLESTEVA glasses sunglasses, from New York, United States, is a variety of styles of trendy sunglasses, and also to Europe male and female most trusted, favorite sunglasses brand. Illesteva2014 new sunglasses product, a New York female as well as male, noble and elegant thecharm, oakley gascan arm replacement.

oakley gascan arm replacement, wear can manifest the unique temperament, Ms, raise men’s identity and tastefully decorated, The following small addendum together to specific it out, Illesteva Leonard second blue stripes sunglasses: pure blue astronomical rims, with silver the polarizer at the architecture of the product, Gray and black lens color eventhough it looks simple and yet color realism with style. Illesteva Green Lens sunglasses: green offset optical lenses, can not only effectively block ultraviolet, infrared, strong light, the irradiation of the glare, you can also remove PC, TV, mobile phones of the electromagnetic wave radiation, safety and comfort. Milan ILLESTEVA matte black sunglasses: classic stitching framed mirrors design, combined with the CR-39 lens offers anti-, improving sunglasses classical style at the same time, the full range of care for the health of the Vision eyes Illesteva frosted pink lens sunglasses: this classic pilot sunglasses, with Italian hand-making, with stainless steel frame with the glasses in the process of applying the sense of cool, highlighting the most mature male side. Illesteva Gerald offset optical sunglasses: framed mirrors and a acetate material, the skin does not have any allergic reactions, fresh blue polarized lens, inaddition to the UV UVA and UVB, UVC, you can filter out harmful air Blu-ray, and electromagnetic radiation. The above are about ILLESTEVA sunglasses — New York fashion brand glasses completely, if you also want to know more, or if you want to purchase the product, you may want to consult the public on-line customer service.