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oakley fuel cell cerakote, The sunglasses shopping tips, choose the sunglasses, easy to overlook the problems I think many people in choosing sunglasses, “This Deputy look lovely, this model is very handsome appearance” on the basis of making decisions. But it really is the ability to UV blocking lenses? Today to introduce how to thoroughly prevent the eyes from sunburn skin”, oakley fuel cell cerakote.

oakley fuel cell cerakote, As soon as they are received by the eyes and skin rays of the melanin will increase, i.e., even if you are the body with sunscreen, but not to protect your eyes, skin or sunburn, Therefore, want to protect your skin from sunburn, want to do a good job in the ordinary course of 3, 642, one is bound to prevent ultraviolet through the eyes. 20 through 50 of the next generation of 600 men, a questionnaire survey and found that 47.5% of the people do not know that the eyes of the ultraviolet from cause skin melanin increase. Asked about the “made the work of the anti-body parts, 87.1% of the respondents selected “face”, 56.6% of the respondents selected “arm”, 47.4% of the candidates in the neck, there is only 34.5% of people conscious of the eyes of the measures. Many people are there is a misconception that wherever there is the color of the lenses with UV blocking role. In fact, the color of the lenses do not necessarily have the UV blocking feature. Some schools to a small grocery store the sale price is cheap, vivid color and style is more like a toy sunglasses, many of them are not resistant to UV light. 0 color lenses with lens barrier UV features, there is no relationship. In other words, if worn UV blocking feature does not have a sunglasses, equal to the failure to prevent UV into your eyes. With block UV features a sunglasses, often refer to the “UV penetration rate” values. Of course, the lower the rate through, UV-performance is better.