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oakley frogskins vs ray ban wayfarer, The coolest sunglasses decorations sunglasses became a stylish ethnic personalize, highlight the charm of one of the best ways. I personally think that the small addendum sunglasses itself is under real-the coolest decorations, then one of the ways to use so cool sunglasses to package your own? The first is to select the face ofsunglasses, oakley frogskins vs ray ban wayfarer.

oakley frogskins vs ray ban wayfarer, on the basis of the sunglasses face with skills to select, such as round face, particularly suitable for square glasses, Square Frame can let’s become more sophisticated, originally round face appeared to have the edge with corner special-to-be, And if you select the round in the frame, then might make you facial look more round. Square glasses let round face had personalize more personable, or the background color of the Leopard, or is the classic black, were able to keep the beautiful eyes complimented. By its face is forehead if quite narrow, a square glasses more will make your forehead looks even wider and lens closer to the oval make the entire face appeared more mellow Point and at the same time allows the whole face closer to face the golden ratio. The overall effect or very well. And if you are part of the inverted triangular melon seeds, then don’t select large square glasses, to minimize the choice of round glasses, and of course the smaller proportion of lines to the competitiveness of the frame, the appropriate lines can better delineate you refined, visually will reduce the width of the forehead, let inverted triangle more melon seeds face, it is all the more the US. Small addendum think select sunglasses time, don’t be in ahurry to slowly options to see what kind of sunglasses can give up with a better feel, of course if all the better, more prepared to several different models of sunglasses is quite to the Force.