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oakley frogskins on sale, subtly come together thanks to an elegant feel.Gucci Homme GG108 2GUCCI ladies Oakley sunglasses 2014-2015Gucci presents the new Autumn/Winter 2014 2015 Oakley sunglasses collection, The introduction of a new line of Oakley sunglasses entirely dedicated to a contemporary and sensual woman.The styles are decorated with new versions of the Gucci signature and typical for carried out with innovative finishes that the tradition of excellent quality and flawless appearance of Gucci reflect.Gucci GG426 3on the materials used by Gucci:As part of a global eco-friendly program that is designed to reduce the impact of the business on the environment to reduce gradually, Gucci Oakley sunglasses with 100% recyclable packaging with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper, while the unique foldable nature ensures that the brill duct minimum space.Gucci eye Oakley glasses collections include Oakley sunglasses and frames of on biomaterials based acetate, a special material that a higher than usual share of natural Includes components as well as Oakley sunglasses made of zogenaam ‘liquid wood’, a on biomaterials based and eco-friendly material that provides an alternative for plastic which is generally used in the production of Oakley glasses. Liquid wood is made of biomaterials: wood from sustainably managed forests, lignin from paper production processes and natural wax.