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oakley frogskins crystal black, H&M, costumes from man and fashion accessories sea summer 2014 costumes and accessories fashion sea H&M man summer 2014 Rising temperatures and sea and swimming pools inevitably peep ever more inviting. Always more irresistible. H&M has launched in perfect harmony with the new climate and the forthcoming departures its last campaign on Fashion Sea for 2014, oakley frogskins crystal black.

oakley frogskins crystal black, A campaign that becomes early beats a eulogy to the costume to shorts, one of the great indisputable trend during the summer that is about to begin, Costumes by man garbati, comfortable and discrete that all the more seek and find in the ignition of a color or in the game fun and entertaining a fantasy, perhaps romantically retro, their time more summer and irreverent.Swimwear accompanied and accompanied by a substantial range and captivating accessories, from the Oakley glasses, proposed in various models (including the now celebratissimo aviator who could not in any way fail) to flip flops that here by H&M continue to giganteggiare season after season.The choice is fairly wide, prices as always low. With a handful of euro or a little more you can calmly swell in our closet, always eager to news (and sometimes replicas of novelty), all the fashion industry sea. The fact that it remains for us to accept the invitation of the model Henrik Fallenius and delve into the sea together with him from the Intrepid and adventurous sailing ship.Don’t forget to download the Blogo App to be always updated on our content. It is available on the App Store and on Google Play and is free of charge. View Gallery “costumes and accessories fashion sea H&M Man Summer 2014″