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oakley flak jacket xlj zonnebril, fingers eyewear: a history of passions quality, aesthetics, adaptability and sensitivity: these are the four fundamental characteristics that distinguish the brand Fingers Eyewear.The Fingers Eyewear was born in 1995 thanks to’initiative of two creative, Jeff Solorio and John Juniper, who believed and shared since’Start the same passion for photography, oakley flak jacket xlj zonnebril.

oakley flak jacket xlj zonnebril, design and lifestyle, By now the collections fingers were appreciated and admired all over the world.Strong in the quality of products that are put on the market each year the designers fingers are overcome in class and elegance, Frames made by hand, cared for in every detail by&#8217, skillof the craftsmen who work for fingers, using the highest quality materials including titanium, gold and acetates Zyl. Given the very high qualitative standard, fingers represents a brand d’elite in the panorama of’eyewear, reserved for an exclusive audience.will for this reason that many celebrities have chosen to wear spectacles of the brand fingers: Hilay Duff, Justin Bibier, Eva Mendez, Kourtney Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Will Smith, Gwen Stefani, Lenny Kravitz and many others.Many over the years are the collaborations of the brand with important brands and designers including the Japanese Clot, Hysteric Glamour, Neighborhood, Roen, Undercover Visvim, or German Cazal. Significant collaboration with Dita Von Teese that has generated a line of Oakley glasses of inspiration markedly vintage. A collaboration this’last not just random, seen that the name of the brand was chosen just thinking Fingers