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oakley flak jacket 2.0 polarized, advice on choosing Oakley sunglasses on the basis of the shape of the face Choose Oakley sunglasses is not just a matter of fashion: we must not in fact only follow the trends of the moment, but we must also consider what the shape of our face, to choose a model able to harmonize and integrate with our lineaments.How to choose Oakley sunglasses according to the shape of each face:round face: Oakley glasses righteous lengthen the face such as those rectangles and with thin rods but not too, oakley flak jacket 2.0 polarized.

oakley flak jacket 2.0 polarized, The frame must be evident.Face at heart: Oakley sunglasses for faces with cheekbones wider jaw must be rounded.round face: Oakley sunglasses rectangular are those perfect for enhancing the face “A perfect circle”.Diamond Shape: Oakley glasses righteous are those oval or square to make more harmonious face characterized by wide cheekbones and forehead and chin close.Face Square: the Oakley glasses to harmonize these strokes are models to drop with thin frames and lenses round and oval.rectangular face: the perfect Oakley glasses have a frame very close or bezel, to make it seem like your face more short.triangular face: Oakley glasses for anyone who has a face more wide above and more closely below are those Oversized, retro or Aviator. 9 View Gallery “How to choose Oakley sunglasses”