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oakley sunglasses z87.1, not to replace core, but to the open sun can not so harsh, just 618 to the intensity of last year, although there was no large and also as one day, you can see a hamba push Lupin this sunglasses, polarized or (according to all that is driving more good car is surely the essential), one-step bar thatis. Lupin sunglasses, and mine-locomotives, ZIPPO-lighter to American culture as a symbol of the Lupin English called Oakley, ray for glare, ban the block and obstruct the glare of light is the essence of sunglasses. The US Air Force Lupin produced a sloping mirror the sunglasses, give users the eyesight of maximum protection. In fact, for a long time, Lupin is a strong light masking sunglasses. Lupin sunglasses originating in the United States the birth of an air force lieutenant distressed. 1923, Lieutenant driving small aircraft Transat, deeply felt strongly daylight, after coming back to the base, and there were even nausea, headaches, glare of adverse reactions. Based on this, in 1930 Lomb Company developed a can absorb up to daylight, divergence minimal heat, and maintain a good clear sight Lupin sunglasses. Lupin sunglasses apart from a good protective function, designers to style to the design of the rustic showy soldiers. The Oakley sunglasses neutral pilot series black metal framed green glass lens polarized sunglasses gascan-002/58 58mm699 gascan-002 $this offset optical sunglasses with silver metal frame, lightweight, stylish; dark green tempered glass optical lenses, effective offset uv anti-glare, a clearer vision for unlimited test drive. Lens width * nose width: 58*14mm, neutral style that is appropriate for most men and women wear. Origin in Italy. Kyung Dong Global Purchase direct link to view the Wikipedia actually buy two Can Cheap 120 and being reluctant to buy it back again, the same day the cat flagship store more than 1200 Jing Dong, self-global IPO, false also know not, shipment and 5 days of delivery, 10-day, domestic shipment no tax charges. The abhorrent practice of ems every time leave and complaints, yesterday, a look at the signed and accepted, who ran out of subverting the Mailroom (he never make phone calls and send messages, directly on the Mailroom units), a look at things not only noon the following day to find. It is really too horrible to look at and the exterior package is thin, and close to the box, pressure, fortunately glasses in which there is also no reason a layer of air cushion with a kyung dong the warranty card warranty does not know how long the outside box with a layer of plastic protective film on each side, and there is a large logo on the right is one label seal is really not clear, Apple Snapshot 6 to the left of the concept also have a flap, wrote that basic information such as the size of the model, remove the protective film from the truth, in-kind figure than shopping link that it looks a lot like the picture, he does not wish to buy to day cats-figure feel good family: glasses, instruction manual, eyeglasses why only one of the glasses and a plastic sleeves, shopping in around like the other person is also a haneul sleeve like a product of the book full of English is open, a variety of glasses of brown glasses box (should be brown black random bar), and above is Lupin logo, eyed also on quality and feelings of the phone are good, that is a snap is a bit tight polarized specialized Baidu a is to make the polarization of the polarized;; making polarization, polarized this label, who stated that the section sunglasses with a polarized features lens (polarized UV light) in the office of the high light reflected from a Blu-ray, feel that a black border around the green glass is not bad. It is a bit ugly, gold framed glasses comparison, girlfriends also bought a Lupin, to go out and find street said old glasses, is following this rayban Lupin sunglasses club series glasses stylish men wearing sunglasses fuel cell W0365 51mm768 Jing Dong Yuan direct link arm with basic information about the glasses, Apple 6 The macro is not good, please forgive or logo, how to think that the small glasses can be printed on the areas which are the logo glasses box but there is a fluff, can effectively prevent scratching the lens for a live show bar, the US Figure Sau-soo-p, a recently made a trip to go out and play a little afraid of the deterrent effect that there is a Black, Size I think just the right, 58mm, my face is relatively small. On the polarization of how so difficult for the flag and …