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oakley sunglasses usa, What SUPER sunglasses SUPER sunglasses? Super by the Italian magazine PIG magazine publishers daniel beckerman creation, a brand of SUPER sunglasses and Ka, sunglasses, built in the traditional italian design. The craftsmanship of the exquisite material used, with a very good lens adopt Germany zeiss optical lenses, the design of the new continued integration design elements to create a different superior sunglasses, oakley sunglasses usa.

oakley sunglasses usa, a look together SUPER sunglasses, Super sunglasses brand SUPER is a design, quality and price and brand, In each quarter of the design will be refined, and use different elements for customers’ surprise, Quality very seriously, since the inception of the brand, it has always upheld in Italy, but all of the style (whether the optical mirror or sunglasses) are used for the internationally renowned German Zeiss (ZEISS) lenses, through a series of Optical Testing, absolutely will not protect eyes sun. Super sunglasses in sunglasses territories have been very new brand. It began publication in 2007, designed a series of vivid color sunglasses. At the chic, is very stylish single product gunmen. Now, the SUPER unique design style win. Super sunglasses product series SUPER Deluxe Limited Edition version of this series of sunglasses to SUPER best-selling three models the flat top, the ciccio, the classic model for a top-of-the-with the golden zeiss optical lenses, and the use of color more important quality cellulose acetate, with strong anti-wear materials produced from flue mirror arm section and finally with gold lacquer carved on the brand name, as well as the jointplanning and the development of the time, good craftsmanship, styling luxury retro. 2013 Summer 2013 Summer sunglasses, SUPER once again brings a series of good style. From with photographer pauline beaudemont cooperation REMEMBER series, lightweight and in a transparent cellulose acetate constituted REPETOIRE, combines the characteristics of 90′ s style of the CLASSIC UPGRADE GIANNI to set retro, enthusiasm and luxury of PAPPAGALLO and genuinely to “a”. At present, the series had been accessible through the glasses hypebeast store. Super2013 summer cove series sunglasses SUPER2013 summer cove series sunglasses design creative inspiration from Net TV. The design team in flat top, people and the american side marker-matched with a different color for the carl zeiss lens, creating a colorful summer of the atmosphere. Super2013 spring and summer joint sunglasses series with SUPER A.P.C collaborated in the design of the production of two new rims, including men and women, all operations are completed in Italy. A.p.c. lunettes hommes switzerland/will be discussing with the sleek combine to all black and brown and suitable for men wearing ;A.P.C. lunettes hommes switzerland/Women in a sleek form factor smooth, bright color schemes, the framework is large, lens colors with navy blue and light brown in color. The lenses are used for the German Zeiss Optics Lenses Zeiss price and benefits have long been a concern. High-end optical lenses, high-end brand and its influence is enormous. Super2013 autumn and winter sunglasses SUPER2013 new product lines for autumn and winter by new products sunglasses introduced two classic style, leon and primo. The frame is metal. Lenses from Italy barberini provided by the green and brown unique lens. The Hawksbill design accents and mirrors foot, i.e. high quality and mature. Super x hello kitty new sunglasses super of eyewear design combines the hello kitty a blend of Japanese pop culture street element. Requiescat stacks on numerous hello kitty, overall rendering sweet style. Super Hits – Version of the spring and summer sunglasses SUPER latest WANDERISM glasses series with a super stylish high-end of the 1980s style, with crocodile leather and metal of the rims, Sleek design lines and overall disclose in a classic shape. Sepia contains modern SUPER spring and summer sunglasses drew designs that mirrors are introduced the German Zeiss carl zeiss optics in Italy has been completed, and comfortable to wear, but also very stylish. The above is the “SUPER sunglasses? The Related Information” if you also want to know more, and you are always welcome click Oakley glasses Life official website to learn, now on the Internet with mirror can enjoy 95% discount off o!