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oakley sunglasses sliver, Oakley Christmas 2016: Worldwide Wonderland, the extravagant Christmas traditions around the world Oakley prepares to celebrate Christmas and presents worldwide wonderland, a collection of extravagant Christmas traditions from every corner of the world to celebrate the different cultures of the world. Lights in the feast – the tradition of the Member UnitiAgli Americans like to decorate their homes with some Christmas light, oakley sunglasses sliver.

oakley sunglasses sliver, Ehm ., perhaps a little more than a few light, We also say many christmas lights, Ok, let’s face it: thousands of Christmas lights! Once upon a time there were calls fairy lights and the tradition dates back to the medieval Germany, where you decorate the pines with wax candles. The Americans, known for their love for everything that is great, have inherited this colorful tradition causing it to assume the new proportions. Someone takes the custom so seriously to make almost invisible home, buried beneath the thousands of lights meandering and intermittent. Result? The lights are so numerous that when you leave home to play snow ball you need a nice couple of Oakley sunglasses.Happy Mari Lwyd also to you! – the tradition of the Kingdom UnitoDurante the typical Christmas holidays the host usually arrives with a greeting card, a gift or a good bottle of wine or liqueur. But in Wales no. In Wales guests arrive with a horse-zombie Christmas known as Mari Lwyd and only after a challenge to the sound of riddles and insults are invited to enter. To win are the beats the brightest. The mysterious skull of horse is all decorated with ribbons, Oakley sunglasses and, to complete the look, a white coat. Mari Lwyd is carried around by a group of friends and relatives that roam the streets in the hope that someone you invite them at home. The Mari Lwyd is an ancient tradition that is repeated in the darkest days of the deep winter and is the way in which the people of Wales wish good health to their host and celebrate the new year.Christmas in anonymity – the tradition of BrasileAmigo secreted, celebrated in Brazil, is quite different from the typical and boring Christmas meeting between colleagues with the exchange of tremendous gifts to which all look with horror every year. Is the largest fanclub secret Santa Claus: a heap of lies, secrets, scandals that attracts relatives, friends and people from all over the country for the exchange of gifts more complicated than ever. In the days that precede Christmas each reveals to the person who has chosen as the recipient of his gift some clues about their identity. But the truth is revealed only at Christmas when, at the time of the exchange of gifts, each he finally discovered who is his friend “secret”.fated holidays – the tradition of the ItaliaNon everyone knows the Befana, alter ego more friendly and pleasant gruff Santa Claus. In Italy, you know, the Befana vien at night with the shoes all routes… in what is probably one of the vestments more unusual Santa Claus. Via the long beard and the funny Oakley glasses, the Befana chooses a frame more modern and replaces the two pieces red with a black live. Loves traveling alone astride of his broom and it always distributes sweets and gifts to children. On the contrary of Santa Claus however, cookies and milk prefers a glass of good wine and the savory snacks. A shoe for Santa Claus – The tradition of GermaniaSei bad status? Then you know already that this year you do not it is that a little thought for your barbecues: a nice little coal. Literally. What are you waiting for? Keep ready steaks and Oakley sunglasses! For thee, instead, that you were great, will arrive in the morning where you will find the boots full of gifts and sweets. Saint Niklaus has no time to wrap your gifts, therefore introduces them into shoes (always that thou have duly let out from the door of your room). This German tradition, in vogue for decades, is still practiced. 11 View Gallery “Oakley Christmas 2016: Worldwide Wonderland, the extravagant Christmas traditions around the world, photos”