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oakley radar ev trail, good price summary values 135 appmocca| comments 252 276 direct links to your Favorites View details found this Lupin sunglasses do a new low-priced, and seize the completed its own subjective in Cheung Ka first scoops Oakley ORB8307 002/N5 aviator sunglasses, black frame/polar green lens, 58 mm143.99 United States dollar Amazon direct link, in a spirit of is the fact that the attitude and wiper plate back after a successful single bar, ==, ornate split line = First is full of carbon-style housing or carbon wind glasses box handsome photographs, front on both sides of the mirror on the leg of some basic parameters, as well as the MIC glittering briefly outline the P3, p3 and p3plus PLUS lenses are made of quality finest offset optical lenses, wrapped in a hydrophobic undersampling oil anti-reflective coating. Where p3plus lens also has a high-performance and added to the new technology only highlights, process highlights and super-Limited Edition) Oakley P laser engraving does not come with the micro-lens, cannot shoot the laser-etched us, and nose and also on the LOGO to spit R-B slot, so fine wire, it really doesn’t break? Ground yourself by touching an unpainted burnished, watching is not bad, and the crisp, carbon element mirror and it is flexible and can be bent to suit their head, and finally to Zhang family as the end of the bar, and the final finally, must be on time for the truth, and of the bird, anger, glasses are very satisfied, ha ha ha, piecemeal philosophy: early to go to Hong Kong for the purpose of this is to buy a car for summer with sunglasses. As a result, there were not enough that the volume is not cheap, rmb equivalent to four digits, but have no choice but to give up; fortunately it bought this to a timely informed that foreign discount channels so as to be able to offer a discount for the US-Asia 8 to a slightly lower price put it under the income, prices, combined with a bar, at a price which is 8 153 swords, 123% knife point less than a starting price, brush unionpay single coin card, directly at the real-time exchange rate reference, the Construction Bank of China come I 770.99 million, freight, 0.07*300=21 (kelp Po home offices, with payment in accordance with the Bill when it is) for a total of $790.99 consumption the performance price ratio is very high, and the