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oakley radar ev path vs pitch, The classification of sunglasses sunglasses classification sunglasses in summer, use a sunscreen more essential for many of the tide of men and women so used as decorative ornaments of the more common. But the use of sunglasses occasion is also very broad and specific needs of sunglasses to protect eyes, use the sunglasses alsomore professional, oakley radar ev path vs pitch.

oakley radar ev path vs pitch, it can be seen that the type of sunglasses is greater, The following is a look together sunglasses, The sunglasses classification: from a functionality to offset the optical sunglasses, lens with some of the reflected light of the filter and the glaring light, particularly suitable for driving, water sports such as outdoor sports wear. Shaded sunglasses, mainly is to reduce the amount of light passing through to strong light masking, you can reduce the human eye fatigue adjustment, as well as reduce the glare of eye injury. Specific use of professional sunglasses, for example, use the ride campaign sunglasses and skiers use a sunglasses, climbers use professional alpine glasses, such a sunglasses to have a strong sense of UV resistant ability as well as high security features. Light colored sunglasses, decorated with very strong role of solar energy, blocking is relatively low, but in rich colors, versatile, all in a stylish and very popular with young men and women. The sunglasses classification: Judging from the lens sunglasses colors also vary, different colors have different light is absorbed by the role of ordinary common more welcome mainly gray sunglasses, Tan sunglasses, green sunglasses. Lens type is also a variety of colorlenses, mainly in the lenses add chemical substances, let lens color rendering, such lenses are also referred to as dyeing lens. Colored lenses will mainly color coat lens surface effect with color lenses. The lenses are photochromic lens is added in the Consumption of halocarbons silver material, according to the strength or weakness of UV, indoor and outdoor use. Anti-reflective protective lens, lens surface coated with magnesium fluoride, anti glare reflection. The classification of sunglasses: From material See sunglasses frame material has a metal alloy material, plastic panel and hybrid materials. Lens Material with resin, PC lens. The sunglasses classification: brand to sunglasses international big placard, such as montblanctm, Armani, centrino, etc.; Upscale brand to be holy, dolphins, wave ad dream, Po-tsu, Oakley glasses life, and so on. The above are the sunglasses categorization of relevant information, want to know more, and you are always welcome to visit the Oakley glasses life.