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oakley holbrook titanium, MYKITA Ma Angela boutiques (maison margiela) new joint RAW series glasses MYKITA Germany glasses brand and Ma Angela maisonmargiela boutiques in with the introduction of the new joint –RAW series glasses. Exquisite craftsmanship forged RAW series glasses, frame retains the raw materials and the surface is smooth and exquisite wearer comfort is felt even more easily, oakley holbrook titanium.

oakley holbrook titanium, Germany and the glasses MYKITA brand boutiques, joint new RAW series glasses, RAW series product framework both use the cellulose acetate, cellulose acetate raw materials and the thickness of the coarse fare in the early part of the production is to clean, This is the process of intentionally RAW series out of the unique aesthetic, which is the modern scientific and technological processes, exceptional classic contour and the structure of wood is a strongly pushing. Exquisite craftsmanship forged RAW series glasses, frames to hold raw materials and surfaces are smoothing out fine for feeling comfortable easy. The renowned German MYKIA glasses brand design one elsewhere showcase; designer door a continuous commitment of various technical, style and sophistication to improve eyewear design, such as glasses framework to high quality stainless steel sheet metal folded, thickness 0.5mm, only very slim. The full width of the glasses with a screw hinged design for both noble and elegant, and flexible resilient, you can bend suitable for different face and solve the problems caused by the high and low ear. Mykita steel frame with PVD vacuum glasses heating technology, we will be able to ensure the glasses and scratch resistant surface oxidation, making long-term durability glasses. In the production of fine MYKITA to note the frames for each sheet metal piece construction to the sheet metal folded into lightweight but one molding, re-use of elegant hinge design link these components, in order to increase its flexibility. At the same time use of high-tech PVD vacuum heat painting technology, make sure that the product and do not scratch resistant surface oxidation rust. Consolidation of glasses and very flexible and free bent on multi-tier film anti-mirror, style strong high-tech forms vocabulary, lets wearers conveys a unique personal proposition.