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oakley holbrook espelhado, diho Oakley together Lei Hana launched large sunglasses fashion in the wake of the secret garden of large areas of advertising IV are the perfect, images of women, Lei Hana once again and, worked together to write a new chapter in full. This popular stars personally designed a new sunglasses and clean lines and filled with the spirit of the future metal sense color schemes, oakley holbrook espelhado.

oakley holbrook espelhado, The Oakley, with rihanna( Lei Hana) together to deliver new original sunglasses series and directly in her name “rihanna” named, This series of design is Hana Lei and Mr, team, from color to material, full participation of the entire rihanna design process, The series of silver sunglasses, pink, red, blue, green, 6 Kim colorway, luxurious stay. The magazine WWD interview, said, the solar system riri column design inspired by the star enterprise D blind engineers la forge a corner. I spent the day with the Oakley eyewear design group discussion. I browsed to have in the past put designed the glasses style profile, and then I raised the need for new materials to make my sunglasses series. There is no exaggeration, I was sitting in the drawing of where he until the picture transfer my satisfaction design, then the whole design team help me well refined until they are all very satisfied with this work. Then the day we have also been selected material, the color. About a few weeks I have seen (the first template. “We are very happy to a second time with rihanna cooperation, ” the CEO Oakley sidney toledano response. The first meeting of cooperation between the Oakley secret garden micro-film article 4 of the invitation will be cast in rihanna more packages under the Versailles let her freedom, out of the limelight. “She is an artist, stars, entrepreneurs, Philanthropist is also a worthy fashion icons. The young generation is very love her. Ren Hana in the music scene the achievements of each album will be able to create a new trend, and she designed these Sunglasses also demonstrate her equally stunning fashion sense. The cross-border cooperation will also mark a Lei Hana personal style and innovative spirit, the perfect fusion.