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oakley gascan white knockoffs, Iconic Oakley glasses Steve McQueen One of the accessories for Mode the most appreciated of the stars is without a doubt the Oakley sunglasses.Many celebrities have made worship a model or a trademark nothing that in the bearing. We think of course to round Oakley glasses of John Lenon, to mounts oversize of Audrey Hepburn ormore recently to the Tom Ford Snowdon of James Bond.Among one of these mounts iconic become, oakley gascan white knockoffs.

oakley gascan white knockoffs, we can cite without hesitation the Oakley glasses PO714 say “Steve McQueen” of among Persol.iconic Oakley glasses Steve McQueenLa Italian brand, known for its Solar products of high quality and the retro-charm has a historic know-how.In effect the company, created in 1917, remains a reference in the field of optics with many patents filed and models worship, perfectly identifiable.The one that we are interested in is the model PO714, a Mount inspired Airman of 649, the legendary Oakley glasses of Persol. The 649 already possess all the characteristics of the mark: The system Meflecto visible by the two metal traits present on each of the Branches, allows the mount to adapt to your face. The Supreme arrow, Hinge inspired of the sword of the heroes of antiquity, is both functional and aesthetic.po0649The PO714 resume All of these element, but with an additional feature not negligible: they are foldable, or how to associate the useful with the enjoyable.po0714the model, launched in the years 60, has then been popularized by Steve McQueen that the door in the film The case of Thomas crown, released in 1968 where the actor gives the replica to Faye Dunaway.The success is such that the star will give its name to the Oakley glasses become cult.Available in different colors, the Steve Mc original Queen remain those to the mount clear Havana and the blue Oakley glasses, scope by the actor in the film.The Mount now exists in a version More fine, the po9714s, available in solar energy but also optical, and foldable always.po9714s SolairePO9714V OptiqueRetrouvez entire collection Persol on our site Easylunettes.