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oakley gascan multicam black, Po Lei Nga sunglasses, Po Lei Nga sunglasses Series Po Lei Nga sunglasses series incorporate the latest phoenix resin materials, impact resistance than ordinary lenses are high 100 times higher than the glass lens up to 200 times to thoroughly resolve the traditional pest-resistant lenses poor performance. And Pitney Bowes Lei Nga sunglasses series 100% can isolate wavelength ultraviolet rays, oakley gascan multicam black.

oakley gascan multicam black, and 315mm-380mm prevents glare such harmful Blu-ray, granting the wearer clear, Shu Chang of vision, Po Nga Ms, Danielle New offset optical sunglasses PY-001 in addition to having the latest phoenix resin lens, polarized its imports of the frame to PC material with tenacity, wear resistant to impact, the effective prevention of the frame to break Well contoured to the face and damage. At the same time the unique chain design, embedded BRAND LOGO, as well as the sleek stitching screw, tighten the structure of the glasses are not easily broken, not easy to deform. Combined with modern and simple in design, the nosepiece comfort wild, let you enjoy the comfortable and clean. 2014 New Po Ms. Ya lei retro sunglasses PY-112 polarized glasses incorporate third-generation optical lenses, the TAC is 100%, 100% UV withstand strong light glare and harmful. At the same time outside of the lens is plated silver shallow water craft that make it mirrors the gloss translucent, abrasion resistance to oxidation and 50% increase, wear that can withstand the sunlight, who does not lose his vision of clarity. The designer of the Trade Point in the PAN, in mirrors frame and between frames, the embedded Crystal-clear water drilling, the wearer has a low and the luxury of aesthetics. Po Lei Ya series sunglasses in the phoenix materials in shock resistant, UV and weight, waterproof, scratch-resistant features, more than ordinary sunglasses to 50% in good condition. If you also want to know more, or if you want to purchase the product, you can reference the official website online customer service.