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oakley gascan clear lenses, Choose the correct sunglasses must understand three points and a lot of people like wearing sunglasses, regardless of whether they have a sun glare, as long as the out, we must wear. Some people even the wearer watching TV, such accumulation will not only in the eyes of the burden, also causing tension eye muscle, blurred vision, oakley gascan clear lenses.

oakley gascan clear lenses, and other symptoms, and these are the consequences of the abuse of sunglasses, For the correct choice for sunglasses and use, where small addendum gives you a three-point proposal: ~ 1, Select to prevent external function ID of sunglasses, Prevention ultraviolet radiation is a deputy good sunglasses primary functionality, if there is no anti-wear UV features a sunglasses instead of ultraviolet radiation into eyes than when not wearing more; so easily cause eye damage, for an extended period of time may also cause cataracts, eye pain, eye edema, cornea off the other symptoms. So when looking for sunglasses, an optician professional for choosing the most secure. 2. Try to choose gray, Brown, Green lens. Sun lens options to try to make the vision of the lost without distortion, edges legible, and the most important thing is that we can see the light of the indication. The gray, brown or green lens for UV and IR absorption is better, can very good eye protection at the same time would be able to identify and color. 3. Select the medium in the depth of the lens. In general, the darker the color of the lens shade of color most, but not one of the functions of the ultraviolet-resistant to UV light; the stronger and also in terms of materials and workmanship. Therefore, the color of the lens to medium depth best, if you want to require stronger blackout some of the lens color, you can select some of the deep. 3 This point for sunglasses selection is the most fundamental and most important to have a good grasp of this 3 point, your sunglasses can very well protected, your eyes are not unharmed.