Fake Oakley

Fake oakley gascan ansi z87.1 for Men, Women

oakley gascan ansi z87.1, Exo Pak Yin of the same sunglasses, gold and black retro-Korean men combination of members of Queen Elizabeth Yin EXO, wearing sunglasses this brand is linda farrow, unicef goodwill, model is 1 LFL299. Price of 880 thousand won, 5280 RMB Yuan. 70 derived from Britain s glasses brand linda farrow, unicef goodwill at that time, because of very personal ultra-large square or circle box retro design, oakley gascan ansi z87.1.

oakley gascan ansi z87.1, and the best society as well as the big stars alike, Linda farrow, unicef goodwill and 70 s to 80 s, launched a wide range of models of sunglasses, Most of them are the preferred female style, however great selling a few years unexpected slow-moving, Subsequently, linda farrow, unicef goodwill has been silent for the 20 century, was initially designers from her son dusty warehouse in the digging out”. In the year after sweeping the chilled linda farrow, unicef goodwill sunglasses. Little did I expect that in the 20 century once again in the southeastern part of again has been a favorite, and even to the crowd. This classic retro style of the broad framework of sunglasses, regardless of gender, age record sales of new high. Queen Elizabeth Yin wearing this model to the sunglasses LFL299 1, origin of Japan. When viewed from the front appears to be square looking, but from the Framed on both sides of the two screws that gold small dot, and side can find embodied linda farrow, unicef goodwill sense of luxury gold spectacles and design. Front Frame length 141 mm, single lens with a width of 52 mm, height of 43 mm. Therefore this deputy LFL299 1 wear, than conventional big box sunglasses will be even higher. The purchase of the sunglasses linda farrow, unicef goodwill Series, will with a copy of the original packaging cartons, as well as a look very high-end on atmospheric levels of cosmetic box size of hard Leather glasses box precisely is a case. Also a Soft Leather glasses pocket and a special a lens cloth.