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oakley gascan 03-471, Karen walker( Karen Walker) is a New Zealand glasses brand, founder of Karen Walker in 1990, and by the founder of a person for the position of chief designer, Brand from 1990 to today’s 20 years and have always been deeply affected by young women, 1 roadfrom Australia blockbuster to Hong Kong is currently in Japan, the United States, Britain and other countries and regions are in store for sale. Because brand in the treason, whimsical modern elements, particularly in New York, the karen walker of glasses are girls. Tiffany character name is Wong Mei-ying, 1989 was born in the United States Californian State, 2004 entered South Korea’s largest performing arts companies SM, 2007 to a girl as a member of the combination of official debut. Smile glistening laugh eye is the representative nature of her charm to the usual private services combination south Korean girl vied with one another to imitate fashion template. The tiffany. This is a new account, the 2014 spring/summer, model is SUPER-DUPER SPEAKERS ARE STRENGTH 1401538(LIMITED EDITION). Price of 330 thousand won, 2000 RMB Yuan. Pink framed mirrors and highlights of tiffany’s playful cute, almost circular lens is taking on a beauty to the point. Requiescat at both ends of the two small long sleek gold diamond as set spectacles cute yet not explicitly kindergartens. Also on arms-reflective gold arrow decorating done, not only is the representation of the karen walker, and combines the spring and summer of this year’s World popular element.