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oakley fuel cell matte black polarized, Caught a moment it is hot and stuffy, the staircase is so steep that I do not agree up can look how far I still have to. I can only see the following 10 steps for me and a lot of naked men feet. Yuck! I think the Schipol here and there is a smell strangely. I am in the Batu Cave in Malaysia, an Indian Cave Temple, on the adviceof the Capitol booklet, oakley fuel cell matte black polarized.

oakley fuel cell matte black polarized, I would like someone can blame, because that I regret that this tourist happen soon I would like to acknowledge the wild monkeys in …the stair railing make me laugh, They are a welcome respite from the 300 hollowed out steps up, Just above, I think about is the very special.Once on top i look on the canopy of the43 meters high golden image for the entrance of the cave Temple, I turn around and enter the dusky courtyard with100 meters above me a roof of a threat of rocky foothills. The coolness is also very pleasant but the Penetrating odors of incense, Indian food and clammy conscripting quickly show the opposite effect.is actually a little disappointed try my eyes are still to catch a glimpse of something beautiful, something the climb to the top it worth it. In the middle of the cave I continue to resist it all in me to take on and then suddenly between human earth is my view to her. I continue to her impassioned look. She has short hair, almost guys like, you can see that not often at her people. The soft complexion of its skin that dark eyes even more intense. It notes, me she is complete in its own world. Bounding on a railing, close to her family who only pays attention to the ceremony. She has typical white lime wipe inthe middle of her forehead, just above the eyebrows, also appropriate to the religion. But what her eyes tell you?I collect the short time on a polaroid and take it to the house. In my main sings her name, Lochana (eye) …– written on location dec.2011 –