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oakley frogskins grey polished blue, The classic movie, the old generation of Men and Gods in the goddess temperament interprets was applied to the image, impeccable, Today we have to look at the movies that classic picture~~1961 movie breakfast at tiffany’s, , including – Sheikh this site in the Tiffany halted before the classic scene, In the faceof the goddess water caltrop, including Sheikh this use cannot go beyond the acting and emotions to explain the flaring girls. Chanel, from rubber stands cellulose acetate sunglasses elegance, including official has been released. 1963 film The Le M? pris brigitte bardot, with which to bring an action in the screen on the classic picture; on the caddy’s mouth Top Loin skirts, a simple T-shirts, T-shirt mysterious sunglasses and a white hat. Aware of the elegance of a smile is confident in the mysterious sunglasses on down to us. 70 In the United States, who debuted in the movie “annie hall of the most representative star diane keaton played the music with dreams and has been pursuing a simple not to abandon the girls. It sunglasses styling, and today the peoples oliver brand glasses are high similarity; it appears that previous dream girls also has a stylish heart. In these classic under the screen image, use only the classic retro express their; read these classic, will write your sunglasses purchase? ~~