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oakley frogskins blue, Oakley has always been a tradition of innovation and continuously in the field glasses and to develop innovation, Variable color lenses rendering thanks to a named “cool” technology, use minicrystal product is produced from a silicon lens glass lens on a high refractive metal oxide, such material and design can be very clever followed by sunlight appear in different color lenses. Lupin sunglasses and not just the lens, framed in the materials of the same is true, the same coating technology is the same as in the sunlight rendering changes the vibrant colors. Where there is a very important point is that with the issue, there is no doubt that such a change color shades for stylish yet is packed; because I don’t have to worry about it with no bright spots. It inspired theme colors with light blue, purple, orange and light blue, it is your side of the 7 color rainbow with you feel the distinctive color tour. But you don’t think if no sunbeams, i.e. when cloudy sunglasses lose the functionality of the discolored; the unique design makes it even in low-light too will change, so wonderful! As framed mirrors and at the same time, the perfect integration and incredible, absolutely stunning modern times is absolutely innovative technology for its category.