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oakley flak jacket 2.0, Christmas 2016: the collection of Oakley sunglasses Blauer distributed by VisionOttica what to give Christmas 2016? Have you ever thought of a pair of Oakley sunglasses or a frame for eye Oakley glasses? If you think about it is a useful idea, original, surely appreciated and that will be very used by those who will receive it, also because all wearing Oakley sunglasses and if you have problems of view new eyeglass frames and trendy are always useful to receive.Blauer presents its new collection of Oakley sunglasses, oakley flak jacket 2.0.

oakley flak jacket 2.0, distributed in Italy by VisionOttica, a network of optics with more than 260 sales outlets throughout the peninsula, The collection Blauer Eyewear is available for man and woman and the style is what characterizes the clothing Blauer USA. The Oakley glasses are inspired by those of the American police, both in the shape of a drop in both mirrored.The collection includes 18 models from vista and 18 alone, available in different colors and shades, both for what concerns the frames both for what concerns the lenses. Between the frames we remember those cat, those squared, round those Seventies and those in aviagore style. Between the fantasies very glamourous the spotted, the military and the amber effect. 5 View Gallery “Oakley sunglasses Blauer distributed by VisionOttica”