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novo bone oakley gascan, Johnny Depp with Moscot do not know whether it is more appropriate to the expression “Moscot loves Johnny Depp” or “Johnny Depp loves Moscot”.already because the passion of the actor for spectacles Moscot is undeniable! It possesses tens, with clear lens, colored lenses, dark lenses and nuanced.loves them in solid total black, but also in tartarugata version or in colors more extravagant as the Lemtosh Sun Blond.A model for every occasion for what is considered to be one of the men most beautiful and most fashionable in the world.and sregolatezza genius: but its sober elegance creates a&#8217, novo bone oakley gascan.

novo bone oakley gascan, aura of casual elegance that is difficult to imitate.And itis precisely this his look is casual-chic that leads him to love with so much greed the Moscot frames: the frames of the brand new york are lightweight and comfortable with a taste vaguely vintage and retro. They are perfect in every occasion.Many things have changed in the life of the sexy actor in recent years (the farewell to the wonderful historical and wife Vanessa Paradis, the new relationship with the young Amber Heard, transgressions new and not) but the passion for Oakley glasses and in particular for the Moscot has remained unaltered