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oakley sunglasses, What Oakley glasses? As a well-known brands as GUNNAR glasses influence, it is in the trend of the crowd and pursued by the object. The Oakley brand products in relation to movement glasses, ski goggles and a helmet and so on. Subsequently joined the world of high end Oakley glasses safilo leader group, we have launched the product, oakley sunglasses.

oakley sunglasses, a look together Oakley glasses, The Oakley glasses brand Oakley/ Carrera, initially, in the manufacture of sports glasses, ski goggles and a helmet, with innovation and the spirit of sports to write a marvelous historical, Full Load enthusiasm and successful, as an industry leader in Oakley has always been at the forefrontof the times and of old ones, creating a series of products and brands of sunglasses, glasses, ski helmets and goggles more popular, Oakley designers to integrate aesthetic and practical technologies as their duty and constantly push new features to ensure aesthetics and balance are appropriate, meet the needs of the top athletes. 1977, Carrera never new campaign glasses, won the whole world, 1996 Oakley joined the global leader in high-end glasses safilo group and, since then, Oakley out a more innovation, 2007 Carrera re-launched the new version championship series, Nouveau lines into a brand in the gene. In recent years champion has always been the most popular. The Oakley glasses what features 1. Before the introduction of the concept of 3D comfort, aimed at enhancing the consumer for eye health and wearing glasses comfort level of interest for a long period of wearing glasses of consumers to provide a more complete, three-dimensional, comprehensive measure of comfort. 2. Structural features: Super pliable hinges, lift the mirror leg angle. Increase the mirror and curvature, fit side face shape. The use of more spacious nosepiece which effectively ease the nose of the pressure, turn the nosepiece thick raised, let glasses perfect fit. 3. suitable occasions: keen to party style, driving the use of commodities, shopping, travel, and prevent UV eye injury Oakley glasses Product Introduction 1. Oakley Carrera Championship Series 21-18 stylish wind mirror stylish driving sunglasses top plate design: The weather 80 after the original design and Carrera wind-style reinterpreted, goggles stylish expressed the Personalize with Arabic, designed for cool person. Personalize appearance: introduction of lines and nose iconic elements, no one does not display the Oakley pursuit of personality, freedom, the challenges of brand concept. Nose silicon trademarks and mirror and the ends of the trademark, laser-engraved, metal mosaics. Color scheme: The original design of the front ring, the new concept of the new style, designed for the cool the new themes, medical green silicone based on human nose nose bridge construction features a three-dimensional Plastigauge is shaped like a crescent moon and more comfortable 2. Oakley retro series glasses Oakley launched a sunglasses and optical mirror series design style, details unique. This series of new styling not become a “perfect styling ornaments. With its innovative sunglasses fashion style throughout the world young, trendy among the tide. New Oakley glasses series with its personalised iconic retro-detail design, and lead the bold style guide. The Oakley optical mirror bracket and sunglasses series by enzo sopracolle design “champion” sunglasses unique and easy to identify pilot styling inspirations to 80 in the early 1920s first referenced original creative, materials for optyl, very light sensitivity and low. A series of contrasting colors make the spirit of this series of more personalized, including army green/gold and shiny Black / Silver/Gold, brown and yellow/Black. 3. 2012/2013 Oakley glasses series Dream safilo Antarctic overflew the group glasses brand new Oakley sunglasses and optical mirror bracket series designed for “Oakley generation tailored: dynamic, self-confidence, the trendy young generation, she was unwilling to take; distinctive, leading trend, lead future design is brand new glasses series thrust. From the square shaped design and retro in style and large size eyewear design, anti-glare polarizer at the lenses and rubber material to the combination of classic ripple mirror and details such as the series in a number of different characteristics, and also for the people of Asia to wear a corresponding improvement in Oakley Panel glasses Classic design: Special Color Panel mirror and panel and the steel integration that make these glasses unique handmade, hand finishing grinding panel modern style and framed styling to let this style and classic and van epoxy glass and trademark laser-engraved metal mounting trademark color schemes for the new color scheme creates a chic precious effects of retro provisioning for compact detail rendering classic immortal design above is “Oakley glasses? The Related Information” if you also want to know more, and you are always welcome click Oakley glasses Life official website to learn, now on the Internet with mirror can enjoy 95% discount off o!