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oakley sunglasses strap, and later in the treasure island store try, think that it is a very light, but feel slightly, slightly shaken, but feel that the wait until some 400 East almost more than RMB may also be a deputy, As a result of a few days ago to the treasure island entities shops, think of the First Deputy DefenseBlu-ray of myopia glasses, so I just looked on taobao treasure island official flagship stores results found that, in polarized 2140f do activities, 709-60, 649. The same model in Beijing East Asian edition: sunglasses Oakley trekkers series black rims dark green lens polarized glasses sunglasses RB 2140F 901/58 54mm976 rayban yuan of sunglasses whether traveling for leisure or by car as wearing preferred, especially this “2140”, eye protection at the same time also meets with different wear. It can be an effective shield against UVA lenses, UVB, Polarized, more suitable for driving is worn. It is a single-piece, nose bridge design, non-skid and comfortable, wide framework and ergonomic design, effective consolidation of hinged mirrors and more fit faces. Kyung Dong direct link to view the Wikipedia display received today, although a look at some of the details it is quite true that the front of the has indicated, the left mirror also have scales, however the hinge, feeling, and there is no clean, there are a number of scratches. This is the bottom of the box label on the box, in addition to the eyes of stiff cartridge is that these attachments then there is the glasses body (there is a saying that new blow ickylickysticky yumyum driven pin) First of all, the overall look regardless of the lenses or mirrors frame are quite glossy, on the whole is of good quality. The left and right side frame has Lupin’s prominent hallmark and two mirrors foot uneven. The seemingly is eliminated. On the left side of the lenses available rayban P flag and the right with P sticker indicates that is on the far right side of the optical sunglasses and a very small RB stamped letter. Focus on the right side of the inside of the frame on the concept of the hand made in italy, m field is visible on the scratches, also surprised to find that the craftsmanship is not carefully. Efforts a m scratches, do not know whether you see that. . From this perspective can you see the whole frame quite glossy, of course primarily in order to take photographs of the hinges, but seemingly do not. The hinges are not really so Sleek mirror bracket, black scratches, and connect to a little glue, hinge itself can also would not very glossy, but it is still fine. However mobile phone may not be able to see it: feel reality show on. I am a little face mei paper, hold the meas such lenses wide. His nose is not high and the length of the width of the feel quite suitable for, wear out casual movement had been also do not think that would be to and fro. From the windows, it indeed seems to think that the lenses are very clear and transparent. Today is the dark, see also do not think that it is quite dark. Do not know the polarized) did not than ordinary better, and not in the past when the store said that there is no need by car, there is no need to offset the CD). The lessons learned from this starting with glasses are quite cheap, hikers should be regarded as Lupin. The classic series, except through-black, the mobile phone is quite satisfactory, not knowing that will not allow people with a Dell blind mirror the feeling of hope that hold the bar. Purchase, primarily in the context of what the characteristics are the highest priority, originally wanted to light, now select a glass lenses, see Official Website Weight 31g, long wearing feel to it. The good news is that the price is low and polarized, the future driving may wear.