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oakley sunglasses box, a line of niche, this is the mission that would have found space in the application of the jet-set in the first place. It was precisely with this spirit, toward the end of the eighties, a period in which reigned a fashion fun and rowdy, exaggerated and pazzoide, that Larry Leight and Ken Swartz, founders of the brand, pursued the intent to establish itself as a top line, oakley sunglasses box.

oakley sunglasses box, by adopting a style Eyewear classic high range, The marriage between a vintage design inspired by the Machine Age American golden years and a culture that ripercorresse the allure of those years, from the Twenties to the Sixties and beyond is plasmava in a style of life that would havebeen able to affirm a new kind of classicism. All of this has made the brand OP synonym of Oakley glasses of luxury, from the Manifattura impeccable and sought after and from the irresistible charm retro, track-track known internationally.Theater of this interesting story is Los Angeles County in California. Larry Leight, surfer, traveller, optical and designer, he proposed to commercialise a collection of Oakley glasses of the era of American manufacturing companies icon of the years from the 30’s to ’50, purchased from a rod. It acquired the entire batch that seems encompassed thousands of Oakley sunglasses clip-on, very fine metal watermarks, looms ever used, pieces preserved in their original packaging, still equipped with receipt signed “Oliver Peoples”, which he gave the name to the brand. From here there arose the great intuition, with a perfect timing: focus on the so-called vintage in Californian style. Perhaps nobody in this field, still had had the idea to circulate the eye Oakley glasses dating back to previous times, to the golden years of the machine Age, in pure American Style.The first boutique Oliver Peoples was inaugurated in the heart of West Hollywood and Guitar Row, more known as Sunset Boulevard, famous artery that leads up to the Pacific Ocean. Larry had his gaze on myths and cults of the past, valorising the flavor of a special climate, life in Los Angeles, stimulating a sort of attractiveness of peculiar, d’elite.Today Oliver Peoples is a luxury brand acquired under license by the colossus Luxottica and Larry is considered one of the designer more influential in the field of eyewear. The collections are distinguished by the Manifattura italiana sought, that prefers the use of materials in terms of performance and hypoallergenic, as the super-flexible beta-titanium. Some items have lightweight frames and comfort details, as the nibs soft silicone, but also details important stylistic: acetates in contrast opaque and transparencies or bicolor, mirror lens with exclusive colors or a gradient bevel that offer protections in the ultraviolet solar radiation, frames cult, as the female Eye-Cat by diva, or the intellectuals of the sheldrake, until classics like the Gregory Peck, inspired by the movie “To Kill a Mockinbird”, fantastic in the frames bicolor dark acetate/tortoise combined with lenses gradient, for an exclusive look is casual-chic safe effect.