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oakley sunglasses 1st copy, What is driving the mirror what is driving the mirror? Life we compare more may be sunglasses and offset the optical drive as the fact that the polarizer at the mirror is one of the principal is to offset the optical mirror and suitable for driving wearing glasses both function in the context of the glasses called driving mirror, oakley sunglasses 1st copy.

oakley sunglasses 1st copy, may also be referred to as the Oakley sunglasses, eye protection is a very reliable glasses, just below to find out of what is driving the mirror, The characteristics of the Mirror driver is on the CD drive mirroring sunglasses, therefore, how it works and it is also the polarizer at the same, The polarizer at the is based onthe theory of operation of the polarized. To be able to effectively filtered in the beam, the light is scattered light adjustment Chengdong township, landscape in the light appears to be very clear. You can also filter out the clutter of light. Strong Light contact with the object will have a certain reflection or diffractive, harmful glare and polarized sunglasses can fully absorb these very harsh glare, Polarized sunglasses to harmful light isolation, but does not affect the visual light through the use of polarized theory, can truly protect your eyes. The role of the Driving mirror driving mirrors can resist the glare, especially in the evenings at all times when driving a car with strong light, not only affect the driving, but this very harsh glare of eye injury of large. Wear a driver after the mirror can be effective drug resistance glare and allows the vision to become very clear. Motorists are also more security. Drivingmirror can not only in driving time can be equipped with Dell in the outdoor sports, fishing, etc. of the environment can be equipped with Dell. The color of the mirror drive select different colors of light filtering the situation is different. Red lens can deepen the contrast, very suitable for snow activities and water activities. Gray lens for any color spectrum will be able to absorb the balance, and there are no obvious color shades, show natural character, but the scene is dimmed. Blue lens to visible light absorption rate higher in the evening, to the detriment of the judgment of the traffic lights, and therefore not suitable for your driver. The Green Lens, absorb light, not heat shrink, Gujwa cool feeling, very suitable for the rest under the sun. Tan lenses, the filter in addition to the considerable number of Blu-ray, you can improve visual contrast and sharpness in the air pollution and foggy cases. How do I select the Mirror Driver option to select color, style is also required on the basis of individual face to select both contemporary and security. The above are the what is driving the mirror? The Related Information” if you also want to learn more information, please click at any time Oakley glasses Life official website to learn more, you can also consult online customer service purchase of the related products.