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oakley radar path lenses polarized, sunglasses eye injury? sunglasses is taking to the streets, tourism of the best decorated with stylish and classic elements. Whether it is a stylish eye shades or simple, understated sunglasses and is becoming an integral part of the stylish classic furnishings. As for the benefits of sunglasses is everyone deeply understands, however, oakley radar path lenses polarized.

oakley radar path lenses polarized, don’t you know some of the wrong way can cause the sunglasses eye injury, Sunglasses eye injury, Quality sunglasses to filter UV, eye protection and quality of the optical sunglasses in the polarizer at the role, as well as anti-glare can also reflect light, while also anti-glare and UV, But if you have purchased the sunglasses is not acceptable, then the result is significantly different. Non-qualified sunglasses not only does not have anti-harmful light will also allow more harmful rays enter the eye. When wearing sunglasses, pupils will be enlarged and not qualified as sunglasses can’t block harmful light, at this point, a lot of harmful light will enter the eye and enlarge the pupil is harmful light provides an easy, lead to eye damage to deepen the daylight of inflammation in the cornea, corneas endothelial damage such as eye problems. Sunglasses eye injury? Select the bad sunglasses on eye damage is very large, such as lens not flat, if we look at things natural small crisp and cause eye excessive regulation, and more easily fatigue. Some people emmetropic, select the sunglasses and is not a true sense of hiramitsu, Dioptre number is not in the normal period, with a little bit of degrees, exacerbate eye fatigue, leading to the loss of vision. Sunglasses eye injury? Error wearing style will also eye injury, such as in a particularly strong discomfort light environment, wearing a dark color glasses will let your eyes are always in a lab environment, while in this environment, the human eye pupil automatically zooms, long-term magnification can easily induced glaucoma. Long wearing a dark color shades can also cause the eyes to the color of the identifications. Sunglasses eye injury? Some people are not suitable for wearing sunglasses, such as with glaucoma, wearing sunglasses, enters the eyes of visible light, if things go on like this, would induce glaucoma. The age of children under six years of age is not suitable for wearing sunglasses, due to the child’s eyesight or during the development stage, retina area if it does not have the light of incentives, will affect the development of the eye, forming a visually. Sunglasses and does not always have to wear, sometimes in the light of weak shade of taking down the best, always wear, for an extended period of time, the eyes of all adjustment also exacerbate tension, causing eye muscle, her eyes fatigued easily, we look at things. Some may appear blurry.