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oakley radar ev path prizm road, What myopia Sun lens myopia Sun lens? Sun lens Myopia is the main access to use of the lenses of the crowd of myopia. In general, the ordinary sunglasses are hiramitsu, while some have to be rectified degrees in the crowd are unsuitable, currently on the market for myopia crowd the release of more than one type of lens, a look together myopia Sun lens, oakley radar ev path prizm road.

oakley radar ev path prizm road, Sun lens Myopia is the most common dyeing lens, which is a prescription lenses have special process dyeing are made of glass lens color gray general, tea-colored lenses is preferred, Such lenses color, it would not be appropriate distortion, mirror to resin lens, This is only for the lenses dyeing Myopiais not particularly high in the crowd is suited for degrees, if too high, plus the mirrors are dyeing and see if the picture is not clear, will feel easily cause eye fatigue. Myopia and astigmatism vision correction is lower than 1.0, it is not appropriate. If the degree of myopia special low, can wear ordinary sunglasses. This dyeing made of myopia Sun lens mainly in outdoor use, if the indoor, best switch into normal myopia optical lenses, indoor use because the light transmission rate is not high, and could easily lead to eye fatigue. Photochromic Lens is suitable for indoor and outdoor wear of the lenses, but it is important to note that in certain special photochromic lens is not completely as professional sunglasses. On the basis of the photochromic lens light intensity to a discoloration of the general quality of quality photochromic lens discoloration is fast, and discolored evenly, such as in the discoloring of depending on chip, Oakley glasses life etc., discoloration of the slice discoloration and recovery is relatively fast. Optical lenses, offset the lenses are added to the vertical to the special coating, can effectively filters out some glaring light reflections, Miscellaneous CD, you can anti-glare, particularly suitable for outdoor sports at the time use. Anti-mirror lens surface coated with a thin film of magnesium fluoride, can effectively prevent a strong light reflection and see if the picture is not as strong light interference. Painting the lens, also set the color of the surface of the lens, slaughtering is generally above the lens color depth to the first, a light color, many degrees in the sunglasses are used for such lenses. The above are the myopia Sun lens? The Related Information” if you also want to know more, and you are always welcome click Oakley glasses Life official website to learn more, you can also consult online customer service purchase of the related products.