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oakley minute 1.0 sunglasses, Rayban Lupin Asia edition Stylish retro black sunglasses gascanf legendary Mount forced weapon! Rayban Lupin Asia edition Stylish retro black sunglasses gascanf legendary Mount forced weapon! Water for a very long time and finally the Lupin. Model 54 Port 18 901/71 2140f Lupin are named model frame color/Lens color lenses widthof the nose and mouth wide August 1) would have been to the American imperialists attendance, oakley minute 1.0 sunglasses.

oakley minute 1.0 sunglasses, but we know this Model 2140, is a face, 2140f were said to have been based on the people of Asia, the face slightly changed in the counters it is great drops ~ comparison 2140 fear original doesn’t before kyung dong has 749 price, but is prepared to hand the time has not been found, 1 to locate the number 810 mall price, the decisive~ pseudo right out of the box! The first is. . Posts. The side bar, pictures are wrong. As can be seen with the 2140 as the original need much outside the box is shipped with brown glasses package, leather, an inner lining, lint-free cloth is doing in the eye is a small amount. There is also the hard plastic inside the package used to rack glasses glasses package above Lupin icon with the glasses cloth does not hang on the glasses back side of the tab label of origin, instructions for China looks thin, in fact, I am quite thick back half unfolded, the fact that this could open a long face and many languages glasses body! ! Right lenses Lupin appears, look very nice, it is genuine. Just focus on the location of the strange that the glasses 2523 0226 classic lenses, but I do not know why not applied to that golden 2523 0226 only a red icon Lupin mirror and said to the little T indicates that the Chinese red icon to the left of Lupin lens close to the mirror and where there are carved up the Small Lupin appears, simply is not the micro-lens cannot shoot out. The glasses, classic, bought more than half may be loaded with forced because I eyes myopia, and there are no 400 contact lenses, the American imperialists drive should be a glasses clip, but this is not yet the polarizer at the mirror. Do not go out and play by car or take a picture when the band, normal, surprisingly estimated. The most tricky part is that in their shops, try again when super cool, try again at home with on follow blind. . This is probably because the raw? Here it is not air the photos. . The camera is gx1, lens is 20, driven pin effect is not bad, The Virtualization Effect toward shocked, ah, is before the card party ~ recommended ~ toward