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oakley holbrook wood, Saturnino Eyewear Planet collection if you can perceive a cool-sound of aesthetics, longing for eye Oakley glasses that delizino with a unique style, you cannot miss the collection Saturnino Eyewear amazing and full of verve, signed by Saturnino Celani and his team of creative Saturnino69.circling around a “solar system” of proposals, oakley holbrook wood.

oakley holbrook wood, the talented and surprising artist, reveals his other great passion beyond that of music, with personality and full knowledge of the facts: the passion for the Oakley glasses.frames which illuminate with lenses supercool, yellow, blue, brown and green, that reverberate reflections of a twilight during the bustling evenings that enthusiasts of Instagram cypher in the hashtag #aboutlastnight, generating new icons to quattrocchi in style aviator to the last cry, eye Oakley glasses to Vinyl, characters that do not pass unnoticed and that we observe with new lenses.All this represents the glamour of the style de La Planet Collection that gravitates around the 8 models denominated as 8 planets and presents itself with a concrete dream as a visual game, such as a trip experiential:”I and my companions of Saturnino69 we are leaving for another trip. Other glances through other lenses. Different Oakley glasses and new eyes to discover the known universe. Finally the first collection Saturnino Eyewear: Planet Collection!!! See with our own eyes.”Thus Saturnino Celani, fluctuating between aesthetic sensations as only a real musician and creative can do, speaks in the first person and his new collection Eyewear and becomes an icon of style and fashion designer at the same time, with that wriggle that only a true artist enthusiastic sa communicate.Satu, Earth, Uranus, Neptune, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury and Venus, articles which are distinguished and strepitano in the showcases of the best optical and at the most renowned concept store are entirely of manufacture Made in Italy and distributed by Dual View srl.A Saturnino Celani, Sun in Scorpio, year ’69, kissed at birth from the conjunction Venere-Giove in Libra, which places it in the world of art, taste and the expansion, composer, musician, producer, bassist, feticistica Obsession for Oakley glasses led him to interessarsene with the same attention that nourishes for musical instruments.