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oakley holbrook used, Linda farrow, unicef goodwill 2014 autumn and winter new sunglasses “campaign drillable iconic d-frame” in 1970 linda farrow, unicef goodwill in the United Kingdom, which was founded 70 s most classical sunglasses brand, and it has a fine tradition of innovation, focus on the sunglasses on the details of the design, through a variety of high technology boosts sunglasses sense of fashion and functionality that allows wearer to enjoy clear security vision, oakley holbrook used.

oakley holbrook used, the thickness is more stylish and charm, Linda farrow, unicef goodwill has been well received by the public glasses, remember that before the designer linda farrow, unicef goodwill Yuan Fang big box shades, leading the trend of the retro. Linda farrow, unicef goodwill has been going back to the ancients, whether which line of sunglasses, will the latest technology and going back to the ancients into one, exaggerated sleek sunglasses, demonstrating the high level design. It will be recalled that in mid-September this year, linda farrow, unicef goodwill with this latest release of men sunglasses the luxe” series with B titanium material for the ink rims, blend of contemporary elements in the 1970s, the perfect marvels that men sunglasses retro vision. The recent release of the new campaign drillable iconic d-frame sunglasses, whether of lenses, framed or rendering technology, perfect the interpretation of linda farrow, unicef goodwill brand of classic and retro. Linda farrow, unicef goodwill as 70 s classic sunglasses brand has been upholding the bold and innovative design, whether round or square rims, framed under the chic, many young people of the acclaimed. This quarter the new campaign drillable iconic d-frame sunglasses, avant-garde style framed contour, more emblematic of the classic brand with retro. Campaign Drillable Iconic d-frame sunglasses avant-garde rims, through thick border and water caltrop edge design for this sunglasses brings elegance and charm. The designer linda farrow, unicef goodwill in order to maintain these good design, especially in the top corner and the two mirrors and to join in the titanium gold-plated nails, then carry on an adornment 100% nylon uv lens combination of the brand sense of fashion and high performance perfect interpretation.