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oakley holbrook emerald, currently the brand with men’s, women’s, glasses, perfumes, cosmetics, etc, Jil sander works with more thrifty aesthetic and clean lines, which is famous for being filled with passion, and sensibility, advocating the simplicity of the one of the favorite, Jil sander sunglasses in 2009 and the Japanese parities uniqlo brandnamed +J joint cooperation cooperation series after commodity jil sander continuous modification sunglasses design, every year the summer is released the latest sunglasses to fans. 2013 was the impact of mainstream big box, release the hawksbill material framed mirrors, a listing of the fans are sold out. Shop in Beijing Intertrade Mall of phase one of the basement level, of 220 square meters, with a low-key lighting emphasized the simple luxury brand elegance. Jil sander women and men jil sander works to reject any excess details, such as a training camp, buttons, etc., with an oblique cut to highlight lines. Women series to fathom the elegance of female, lines, sleek and details of the Kyrgyz Foday Sankoh to clothing proportion accurate grasp the exude a sense of Modern and avant-garde and color scheme and heating and harmony. Men stressed just Yang boldness of vision, to the lines of the contour lines in the shaping of men and disseminated; focus on details of the pride of the design of men with mild. Solemn Jil sander Design Architect assiduous in bringing out of the inner world with more than the color, the fabric of modern and an elegant, restraint and sober atmosphere. In respect of those deluxe dazzling fur and gold and you will feel jil sander apart. In addition to the traditional black and white colors, Ming-huang, blue, green, red, and much better contrast color also shocked the mound to OL working hours to add more pleasant colors.