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oakley gascan with american flag, the timeless round Oakley glasses of John Lennon On 9 October John Lennon would have turned 74 years: the famous English singer, who has obtained the first successes with the Fab Four of Liverpool, continuing the solo career after the dissolution of the Beatles, was famous in all over the world not only for its songs, for its history of love with Yoko Ono or for its commitment in favor of peace, oakley gascan with american flag.

oakley gascan with american flag, Raise your hand if you do not know the mythical round Oakley glasses of John Lennon.When we think of the singer, who died on 8 December 1980 by the hand of 25enne Mark Chapman, imagine him with his long hair, with its air somewhat bewildering, with a guitar in hand while intones Imagine and with its round Oakley glasses, symbol of an era of profound changes as the sixties.Perhaps not everyone knows that those Oakley glasses round, typical of the fashion of the sixties, are called in reality teashades and were used at that time to hide the effects that drugs had on the eyes (and it is not a secret that even Lennon would make use). From when he worn for the first time in Spain, for the shooting of How I won the war, they quickly became his hallmark. Even if other famous personalities have often made use…John Lennon with Oakley glasses rounds and did you know, then, why John Lennon loved the Oakley glasses with orange lenses? Because according to the Feng Shui this is the color that favors the inspiration and for a singer is fundamental. If you want to see the Oakley glasses that i don when he composed the song, the song is perhaps the most famous of the former Beatles, know that you can admire them to Liverpool Museum dedicated to the band: worth 1.5 million dollars!But here are some other interesting curiosity related to his spectacles:John, we miss, but we imagine among the stars with your Oakley sunglasses!Image of STYLIGHT.itNon forget to download the Blogo App to be always updated on our content. It is available on the App Store and on Google Play and is free of charge. View Gallery “John Lennon with Oakley glasses round”