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oakley fuel cell green, HAZE collection sunglasses new products in 2015 New York Fashion Week completed its first-soo for the HAZE collection this brand name. Many people should not heard, HAZE collection is a founded in 2013 the American style glasses brand to sunglasses to go directly to the market in early 2014 and formally entered the China marketis usually in the collection can also buy store to HAZE collection sunglasses, oakley fuel cell green.

oakley fuel cell green, Haze from New York sunglasses collection famous designer independence, are selected from the Italian quality slabs will be Architecturally inspired by the flow into every inch cut to carved minimalist, reflecting New York diversity of lifestyle, the brand of the vibrancy and passion in the plethora of release. Haze collection recently previewed new first quarter sunglasses series, in 2015 on New York Fashion Week finished the first show, the designer to show the current quarter new unique originality, subvert the previous other glasses brand show, in the form of art galleries gesture to show that in light and shadow of the transmission, the show at the moment is full of geometric patterns of the stunning space. The designer has the sense of environmental protection and energy conservation, use of evening sunlight the entire space, to create a triangle Show Desktop stereo feeling of space and show at the model of fashion with the nature and better integration of the HAZE of the collection of sunglasses new vitality and Passion Play in the plethora of highlighted in this quarter, sunglasses models of different. In this quarter new product series, sunglasses, classically styledSHIELD on the design of the new breakthroughs in texture integration into China during the Ming Dynasty period building and home design philosophy, a perfect combination of different time and space characteristics for this stunning sunglasses.