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oakley frogskins blue iridium, deus ex machina x raen optics joint sunglasses series from the surf cultural inspiration surf culture in the United States many of the well-known brands is very important in the design elements, the United States of street tide licensing. There are a number of lessons learned is the concept of surfing element to create personalized fashion , oakley frogskins blue iridium.

oakley frogskins blue iridium, From California glasses brand raen optics with deus ex machina have joined hands in the new sunglasses series, it is inspired by surf culture, Raen optics is from California’s famous glasses, the most recent Brand deus ex machina, Australia recognized the locomotive manufacturer join hands to launch a joint sunglasses series. Joint sunglasses series includes three models, respectively, “convoy”, “lenox” and “ALRO, sunglasses inspired design are from California surf culture. Deus ex machina x raen optics joint sunglasses series its material from high-quality from Italy acetic acid materials rims, crisp, detailed glossy colors. With a good carl zeiss optical 39 “CR” lens, and that there is a clear view of the excellent optical characteristics for a comfortable experience, very suitable for wear on the beach. Deus ex machina x raen optics joint sunglasses series either full or half design box box design, squeezing out your elegant and with organic car cold, hard graceful lines of the aesthetic, which symbolised lines combined with acetic acid materials in the Takemura and also feel. It has been learned that the United States and opticss glasses brand raen raen optics joint sunglasses on August 28 to enter deus ex machina shops, selling pricein 18800 to 28800 Yen Yen.